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When you look back on your wedding day 10 years from now, what do you want to remember? How about having an absolute blast with the love of your life and your best of friends? I mean you just said yes to spending your life with the most fantastic person possible!! A single photo can be worth a thousand words. And to look back at the exact moment you exchanged rings and said yes to your partner in crime forever, all the memories of what led to that day become clear. All the emotions of the moment, the excitement, giddiness, and nervousness, all captured in the eyes of your beloved, crystallized for all of eternity for you to look back on Wedding Photography.

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    Wedding Photography

    Imagine a photographer with a camera and an eye for details, immersed in the wedding celebration. Not only are they there to capture moments, but also to create a compelling visual story. They are there to capture every precious moment, from the intimate moments of getting dressed to the thrilling exchange of vows. From passionate embraces to energetic dancing, they want to capture it all. Look at the Wedding Photography packages of Do You See What I See Studio.

    What we offer

    Do you see what I see” Photography, we believe that great photography should be both beautiful and easy. That’s why we work closely with our clients to understand their needs, preferences, and style, ensuring that every photo we take is a true reflection of their vision. Whether you’re looking for candid, documentary-style shots or elegant, posed portraits, we’ve got you covered

    Love Stories in Pictures

    Through the lens, love stories unfold, capturing the moments that never grow old

    Capturing The Essence of Your Love

    Behind every love story captured in a picture, lies a tale of two hearts intertwined, of memories made, and moments frozen in time. Each image a testament to the beauty of love, a story to be told and shared, inspiring hearts and souls for generations to come.

    Memories That Will Never Be Forgoten

    Our memorable photo work is a testament to the power of photography to capture life’s most precious moments, preserving them for generations to come. Each photograph tells a unique story, evoking emotions that can last a lifetime.

    Two hearts, one love, A celebration of forever.

    Sealed with a kiss, bound by love, The beginning of forever.

    Another year of love, laughter, and memories to cherish forever.

    Wedding Photography

    Wedding photography is a beautiful art that captures all the emotion and beauty of a couple’s special day. It’s a portal of sorts that takes us back to the moment we cherish, allowing us to relive all the laughter, love, and tears.

    Imagine a photographer with a camera and an eye for details, immersed in the wedding celebration. Not only are they there to capture moments, but also to create a compelling visual story. They are there to capture every precious moment, from the intimate moments of getting dressed to the thrilling exchange of vows. From passionate embraces to energetic dancing, they want to capture it all.

    Wedding photography involves more than just taking the usual shots of the bride and groom with their families. It is about capturing those candid, unexpected moments which often contain the most authentic emotions. The photographs capture moments of genuine connection, such as a glance shared between newlyweds or a parent wiping tears away.

    Professional photographers offer customized wedding photography packages to capture the essence and spirit of a couple’s special day. These packages are designed to meet the needs and preferences of each couple. They offer a variety of services and options.

    Consultation And Planning

    Couples can expect to find a wide range of features in wedding photography packages that are tailored to meet their needs. The process usually begins with a consultation and planning session. The photographer and the couple will discuss their visions, preferred photography styles, and logistical aspects during this meeting. This step is crucial because it allows the photographer to understand the expectations of the couple and establish a relationship with them.

    Wedding Day Coverage

    Packages usually include coverage of the wedding itself. The number of wedding hours will vary depending on what the couple wants and which package they select. The photographer will capture every important moment, from the exchange of heartfelt vows to the joyful celebration on the dancefloor. The photographer will document every emotion and detail, making sure that no precious memories are missed.

    Two Are Better Than One

    Some packages include the option to add a second photographer. It allows for a wider perspective, and more angles and compositions. A second professional will ensure that each special moment is captured from a variety of angles, creating a more complete visual story.

    Editing And Retouching

    The post-processing phase begins after the wedding. The photographer carefully selects the best shots from the captures and applies the necessary edits. The final images will look best with adjustments to color, exposure, and other enhancements. The editing process polishes the photos and creates a coherent visual story.

    Digital And Album Delivery

    Wedding photography packages include the delivery of final images. The majority of packages include digital files on a USB or online gallery. The couple can easily share their photos with family and friends. Some packages include customized products, such as albums or printed photos, to give the couple a tangible souvenir.

    Additional Services 

    Additional services are available depending on the photographer or the package. They can be engagement sessions, bridal portraits, or pre-wedding photo shoots in different locations. These services can be added to higher-tier packages or sold separately. They give couples more options for capturing their love story.

    When couples compare different wedding photography packages it is important to consider their needs, budget, and desired results. Communication with the photographer is key to ensuring that the package chosen aligns with your vision. It also ensures a stress-free, memorable experience.

    Wedding photography packages are carefully designed to meet the individual needs and preferences of couples. These packages offer a variety of services, from initial consultations to wedding coverage to editing and delivery of final images.

    There are several reasons why wedding photography is so popular. It captures the precious moments of a wedding. Wedding photographs capture beautiful moments, from the bride’s nervous excitement as she gets ready to the vows exchanged and the loving embrace between family members. Wedding photographs are tangible reminders that love, joy, and emotions were felt on that special day.

    Capturing Precious Moments

    Wedding photography is more than just capturing moments. It weaves a story. A skilled photographer knows how to convey the story through images. Photographers document events from the quiet moments before the wedding to the exuberant dance party. Each photo adds another chapter to the wedding story. The couple can relive the day by flipping through the album or browsing through the digital gallery.

    Create a Story Out Of Your Wedding 

    Wedding photography is a form of art in itself. Photographers use their technical skills and creativity to create visually stunning shots. Photographers use lighting, angles, and composition to create stunning images that capture not only the beauty of the wedding but also the mood and essence of the event. Each photograph, whether it is a traditional style, a candid style, or a fine art one, becomes a unique work of art that reflects the personalities and feelings of the couple.

    Add Sentimental Values

    Wedding photos are not only beautiful, but they also have a lot of sentimental value. These photographs become treasured family heirlooms that are passed on through the generations. These photos look into the past and allow future generations to see the love and happiness that was shared by their ancestors. These photographs become part of family history and carry stories and memories that can be passed down and shared for many years.

    Capture Feelings and Evoke Memories

    Wedding photography is unique because it captures the feelings and significance of that special day. Each photograph has the power to evoke memories, rekindle feelings of love and joy, and transport the viewer back to the moment. These photos serve as a constant reminder of the love and passion that brought these two people together, and of their journey.

    Wedding photography is special for many reasons. Whether it’s because of the artistic value, the preservation, and enjoyment of family history, or the emotional impact, they are undoubtedly special. It is a way to immortalize a special moment in someone’s life and allows them to relive the beautiful memories every time they look at their wedding photos.

    Wedding photography Texas is a huge market and a lot of photographers are providing their services in Texas. To be more specific we can say that Houston is the major city in which the demand for wedding photographers is very high. Our wedding photography Houston company is the best in the market. 

    We don’t say that those companies that are working in Houston are not professional but the company’s professionalism is secondary, primary is the photographer’s professionalism. If the photographers are not professionals and don’t know how to click the best-angled photo then even editing can’t fix those pictures. 

    Photography is an art and not everyone can be an artist. We have professional photographers who have mastered the art of photography. They know the importance of angle and lightning in photography and they will click the best pictures of yours. 

    A wedding is a special occasion and wedding photography and videography can capture those moments so that you can revise those happy memories later. If the photography level is up to the mark then you will enjoy seeing those photos and videos, but if it is not then you will regret choosing that unprofessional company. 

    We have expert photographers and editors, and we will set up all the things for you and you don’t have to worry about anything. Let us discuss some of our services:

    The goal of wedding photography is to capture the beauty and magic of a couple’s special day. They focus on telling a story through pictures that capture the joy, emotions, and love of this special day.

    Wedding day coverage is the core service that our wedding photographers provide. Our Photographers are on hand to capture every important moment, including the excitement of the bride as she prepares for her wedding, the emotional exchange of vows with friends and family, and the magic moments on the dancefloor. They want to capture the genuine and candid expressions of laughter and tears, which make weddings memorable.

    Here at our professional wedding photography company, we have professional wedding photographers and video makers. Along with photography, we can also provide video-making services to our customers. Our photographers are experts in creating the best wedding photographer. They have years of experience and they know how to provide the best services.

    In our profession, the most important thing is customer satisfaction. We care for our customers and we aim to provide top-notch photography services to our customers. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with our services and that they are happy with the final result. No one else can deliver like us in Texas.

    Our wedding photography packages also offer engagement sessions in addition to covering the wedding day. These sessions allow couples to get closer to their photographer, feel comfortable in front of the camera, and show off their personalities and love in a relaxed environment. These photos can be printed on save-the-date cards, wedding invites, or displayed in the wedding venue.

    Engagement is also a special event for couples and they want to capture their happiness and romanticness in the camera’s eye. In our wedding photography packages, we also include Engagement photography for our customers. Engagement is a lighter event and only family members are invited to this event. 

    If you are planning to print engagement photos on wedding cards then those photos have to be good and attractive. When you come to our company for help we arrange all things for you and send our best photographer for your engagement photos. We are the best company and we provide the best wedding photography packages in Houston.

    Pre-wedding portrait sessions or bridal portraits are popular choices for some couples which is why we also include this in our wedding photography packages. These sessions give the bride and groom the opportunity to be photographed individually before their wedding. The couple can express their style, show off their wedding outfits, and create stunning images that capture their beauty before they tie the knot.

    Some brides are introverted by nature and some are shy on their wedding day. In this session, the bride can be herself and the bride and groom can easily express themselves in the photos. In our wedding photography packages in Houston Texas, we also add these services. We send our professional photographer for bridal portraits. 

    Our photographer can suggest some romantic poses and set all the lighting and environment to make sure that the quality of the photographs is up to the mark. If you want the best service in Houston then contact us and place your order today. We will require a little detail before starting and after that leave the rest to our professionals. We aim to provide the best to our customers and we make sure that our customers are satisfied with our services and that they are happy with the results.

    In our wedding photography packages, we provide the option to have a second photographer. This allows for more comprehensive coverage. It is particularly beneficial for large weddings as multiple perspectives and angles can be captured at the same time. Couples can enjoy the fact that their special moments will be captured from multiple angles and perspectives.

    The more the angles the more better the coverage. If you shot one thing from multiple angles then it will increase the perspective and beauty of the shot. We provide an extra photographer or assistant. Our assistant is also a professional photographer and he can capture images from various angles. 

    This will increase the beauty of the ceremony and it can bring more emotions back when couples look at these photos in the future. Not every company provides this facility to their customers and if they do they charge extra money for that. We care for our customers which is why we provide our services at affordable prices and make sure to provide the best services to our customers. 

    Edit Photos And Videos

    We also provide editing services to our customers. In our wedding photography packages, we will provide professional editors who will edit and post-process the photos to improve their quality and appeal. The editors and photographer will make adjustments to color, exposure, and other artistic enhancements to ensure the final images are a reflection of the couple’s vision and the photographer’s style. This process gives the photos that special touch.

    Editing photos and videos is not an easy task and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most people that editing is a piece of cake but if you don’t know about tools and methods you can never edit a photo or video accordingly. Here at our company, we have professional editors and photographers. 

    Our professional editors know all the latest editing tools and techniques. They can edit your videos as per your requirements. They can adjust the colors of the photos, background, and other things in a photo. Customers want the best of the best and professionally edited photos and videos can create an immense impact on viewers. 

    Delivery Of Edited Photos

    This is a digital time and now the final delivery of the images is usually done digitally. Photographers give couples a high-resolution USB drive or an online gallery. The couple can easily share and print the photos, relive the precious moments, and share them with their family and friends.

    We are living in a digital world now and only those can survive who know how to adapt to new changes quickly. With time, those who change will continue to grow and those who will stick to older fashion suffer a lot. In this digital time, the fashion of Albums and prints is fading away and people prefer digitalized photos that they can save on their laptops. 

    We are following the trend, we create high-resolution digital photos and videos for our customers. High-resolution photos are very important because some companies don’t prioritize high-resolution photos and when customers open their photos on the big screen the pixels of the photos are not good. For the best services contact us and place your order today. 

    Album Creation On Demand

    In our wedding photography packages, we also offer prints, albums, or wedding albums that are custom-designed. These tangible products are a beautiful and timeless way to display and preserve your photographs. Couples can select from a wide range of album styles and printing options to create an original keepsake.

    Although we are digitalized company, we don’t forget our basics, and even in this digital time, some people prefer wedding Albums and printed photos. We have experts who are professionals in creating wedding albums and they can create the best album for your wedding. If you want to buy services from our company then contact us and place your order today. Here you will meet professionals and experts who will handle your project from start to finish. 

    Wedding photography services aim to preserve the memories of the wedding day for the couple. The art of wedding photography is about building a relationship with the couple and understanding their vision. We are open-minded and we also provide elopement photography packages to our customers. No other company in Houston can beat our photography packages.

    Let’s Make Your Day Magical!

    1. Schedule a call with our head photographer!

    2. Choose the wedding photography package that suits you best!

    3. Customize the style of coverage that you want!

    4. Sit back, relax, and Rest assured those magical moments will be captured in a magical way!

    Customers Reviews

    Your opinion matters to us! Please share your thoughts in a review so we can continue to improve our products and services.

    -Reagan McCreight

    My husband and I have known Joel for a few years now and have seen all of the amazing work he has done. When it came time for our wedding, we knew that we wanted to book Joel as our videographer! We got our videos back very fast and Joel did a fantastic job! Each video brought us back to the wedding day and Joel did an amazing job capturing all of the details. Joel exceeded my expectations and gave us the most beautiful videos and memories that we can cherish for the rest of our lives. I highly, HIGHLY recommend booking with Joel!

    -Carolyn Hebert

    Joel did a phenomenal job with our wedding photos! Neither my husband nor I had ever had photos professionally done, but Joel walked us through it and helped us pose despite our not knowing how. We were shocked with how great he made us look in them. Joel was so friendly and made the whole shoot very relaxed. We also got our photos back right on time! Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding photographer. 10/10 experience!

    -Grace Boulet

    We loved having Joel as one of our photographers! We used him for our engagement photos as well as our first look photos. They came out AMAZING! Joel is very easy to work with, quick to respond, sets fair prices, and is overall professional. He’s great at capturing genuine, sweet moments. We definitely recommend him for your special day!

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